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17 - 29 July 2011
@Tamanbudaya Yogyakarta


This event started as an “annex” of the Yogyakarta Arts Festival (2008), then became a separate occasion of its own the Jogja Art Fair (2009). Later it realized its vision to become part of the international market by changing its name to ART | JOG (2010). The last two event holdings which definitely have become the art fair for artists have in fact been featuring focused themes and employed curatorial works that are comparable to art exhibitions in general or even biennale. In its fourth holding, it is about time for ART|JOG to pluck the fruits of its experimentation.
As a part of its attempts to become an active event which has a clear position in the global art world, the current ART | JOG maintains its position as the artists’ art-fair in the city of arts and culture, which also increasingly gains prominence as the backbone of creative industry in Indonesia. Yet, despite of the ambiguous reception in the arts world and its equivocal position within the massive proliferation of art fairs, the decision to sustain its format as the “artists’ art fair” is taken with careful consideration – while continue observing and developing new strategies to anticipate future consequences. One of ART|JOG’s main agenda is to exist and position itself within the fields of international art fairs.
ART | JOG | 11 sets some clear distinctions with other art events or exhibitions. It mainly functions as an art fair for young artists; with the aim of promoting young artists’ achievements to both local and international art market. Similar procedures is still being applied, i.e., by holding an open call to artists and the selection process conducted by ART | JOG | 11 artistic department. There are 1770 artists who had sent applications for 3500 works. The selection process which came up with decision to select 241 works of 165 artist to be a part of the current Art fair.
Officiated by Lorenzo Rudolf (former director of Art Basel; key initiator of Art Basel Miami, former director of ShContemporary – Shanghai and Art Stage – Singapore), ART|JOG|11 also present numerous fringe events. These programs which will be held throughout ART|JOG|11 is designed to provide opportunities for promoting existing modes, activities as well as various artistic processes and productions to broader public.
Welcome to ART|JOG|11!

thanks my друга ♥ for accompany that night

 Photo by : OWL
Gear : Nikon D90

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